Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life combines traditional life insurance with tax advantaged investments. This is a more dynamic coverage that you can personalize to meet your ongoing goals by having the flexibility to adjust premiums within certain parameters. And because it is a permanent policy your coverage is in effect for your lifetime pending premiums are paid.

Participating Life Insurance

Participating life insurance offers protection with the potential to grow money inside the policy tax free (within legislated limits). The insurance stays in effect for your entire life as long as premiums are paid which are also guaranteed not to increase. If you elect to, you can receive dividends which can be used to buy more coverage, reduce premiums, earn interest or be taken as cash (subject to taxation).

Term Insurance

Term Insurance is affordable protection for a specific period of time, usually when insurance needs are high and funds are limited. The cost to you stays the same for the duration of the term and if you die during the term your beneficiaries will receive a tax free benefit.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness provides a lump sum to you when you need it most. With improvements in the medical field people are surviving unfortunate life events such as cancer, heart attack or a stroke. Critical Illness provides you a way to focus on your recovery and reduce the burden on loved ones without having to access your savings.

Disability Insurance

Disability Insurance protects your income and investments when life hands you a curve ball. Whether it’s chronic pain, mental illness, or a broken leg, disability insurance provides a much needed income to pay the bills and save having to use your income and investments.

Health and Dental

Through purchasing an individual health and dental plan you can help your family cover the costs of prescription drugs, dental appointments, hospital visits, and vision care needs.

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