From GIC’s to Stocks, we have aligned ourselves to provide you with a wide range of investment and savings solutions. Aurora Capital Partners does not carry any proprietary products and has agreements with a number of suppliers so that we can offer a broad range of solutions and investment planning to fit your unique situation. When recommending a solution we will explain the downside as well as the upside so that you are fully aware of how the investment works before making your decisions. No surprises, just straight simple strategies to get you where you want to go; whether it’s a dream vacation, upgrades to the house, college education, or your retirement income simplicity is always best.

If you are already retired or have started to think about retirement we can show you how to convert your savings into regular income. We understand that cash flow is one of the unique challenges facing retirees today which is why we tailor your income for predictability. We focus on creating stable, predictable, long lasting income that you can budget against.

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