Comprehensive Financial Plan

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Comprehensive Financial Plan

A comprehensive plan is a living document that changes, even when your circumstances change. It is the blueprint and map of your financial life. Ultimately, the result is easier decisions, more direction, and a path of certainty.

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Investment Management

By reviewing where you are at with your existing situation we will work with you to create an Investment Philosophy that will guide your savings and investment decisions moving forward. Through the creation of benchmarks and investment milestones we are able to streamline the decision making process and take the worry out of investment decisions.

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Retirement Planning

A road map only works if you know where you are going. By setting goals, milestones and contingencies we then work backwards to ensure that the proper strategy is in place to meet those obligations. We review cash flow, taxation, pensions and such to ensure you are maximizing all sources of income in the most effective manner so that you can relax and enjoy your retirement.

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Critical Illness Strategy

What if you child developed cancer? What if you suffered a severe stroke? What if you survived and underwent a year of treatment? With medical advancements this is happening more and the cost of recovery is a burden most families cannot afford. We can show you how to maintain a lifestyle and take the stress off the family at a time when the focus should be on fighting and getting healthy.

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Long Term Care

Whether you want to stay in your home or move into a care centre, let us show you how to layout a proper transition plan. The cost to retrofit your home or move to a more specialized care facility can come at a surprising cost when living on a fixed income. By identifying the need early and putting a plan in place the transition can be more comfortable and the costs easily affordable.

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Disability Strategy

Do you know how much a disability can cost you or your business? We can work with you to determine how to spare your savings and investments through an income replacement strategy so you can go back to work when you want to, not because you have to.

From $500

Estate Planning

No one likes talking of the inevitable; however over the years we have seen families ripped apart and estates dwindled to nothing through fees and taxes. We can work with you to design the most important and final decisions of your life so that, your loved ones can focus on what is important in this delicate time.

From $1250

Death Strategy

Two things are certain in life, death, and taxes. We can show you what that final return may look like, how to reduce fees and taxes, and what will be required to maintain a lifestyle after your loved ones are gone.

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Educational Planning

The average young adult will spend approx $100,000.00 for a post secondary education. Reduce that financial burden by looking to a savings and investment plan tailored to post secondary education objectives.

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